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Electronics manufacturing

SMT Assembly and Manufacturing

VAS Engineering is based in San Diego and provides the best electronics SMT manufacturing and assembly services handling double-sided, 0.3mm fine pitch IC’s, BGA’s, and 01005 components.

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SMT Assembly and Manufacturing in San Diego

From 01005 to BGAs. You Name It, We’ve Seen It and We Can Handle It.

Setup and Verification

Your setup is verified with checks on checks. Our digitized production aids, two step component check, and first article inspection give us 100% confidence the right part is placed in the right location. Our lean approach and investment in quick change technology allow for ten minute, rolling change overs with virtually no down downtime between jobs.

Paste Printing

We guarantee accuracy by fine tuning every stencil. Our decades of experience allow us to place just enough solder for every component. Our printers use vision correction and 2D paste verification to ensure each mark is accurate and repeated.

Component Placement

We place roughly 4 to 5 million components every month (and counting). So, we get it. We can handle components as small as 01005 to large customized components. Every component is vision corrected before placement to ensure accuracy and our auto nozzle changing machines allow for ultimate flexibility in component pick and place. If data helps, we have less than 150 defects per 1,000,000 components placed (99.9% yield :)). Our high speed line utilizes dual gantry technology and can place upwards of 200k components a day!

Automated Optical Inspection

We run 100% automated optical inspection on every board. Our in line and bench top machines give us the flexibility and capacity needed to handle all challenges. Our AOI technicians are hard at work optimizing programs after every single run. Our newest equipment offers 3D inspection ushering in a new age of detailed component analysis.
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New Surface Mount Assembly Equipment

We are constantly investing in new equipment and technology in an effort to meet out customer's requirements and create new value added services while maintaining our competitive pricing. Here are two machines we recently invested in:
Surface Mount Assembly Equipments in San Diego

Nordson 3D AOI

Automated inspection in 3 dimensions. Say good bye to lifted leads and pillowed components. We are testing now but plan to invest more moving forward.

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SMT Assembly Equipments in San Diego

Yamaha YSM20

Speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Our new YSM20 high speed line can place upwards of 200k components a day and not break a sweat!

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Under one roof

All Services and Capabilities

There is usually more to a board than just surface mounted parts. We can help you by producing products seamlessly under one roof. From surface mount to conformal coating and in a box, we can handle it:

Surface Mount Assembly

VAS Engineeing has world class SMT assembly lines. Our nimble size and well trained staff are prepared for anything from BGAs to 01005 components.

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Through Hole

We treat through hole as a top priority with verified setups and visual inspections. Then, our selective solder robots automatically solder every joint with repeatable consistency.

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Program and Test

We can take this off your hands. Depending on how many assemblies you would like, we can even automate programming. This can be a huge time and cost savings.

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Conformal Coat

Conformal coating is a service we provide with care and careful cooperation with our customers because every product is used and exposed to different environments

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Box Build

We do box builds. It’s pretty rare that a circuit board gets used as is. Let us manage getting the product built while you focus on designing great products.

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Supply Chain Management

We know how demanding your customer's can be. We keep track of end of life parts and market availability so you never have to worry about a slip in schedule.

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We think our service matters most. We take on your product like it is our own. You’ll build a relationship with our talented team and come to love all the thinking we’ll do for you.
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Let's Build Amazing Products, Together

We have seen thousands of designs. We have learned what works and what does not. We are a team of experts, ready and willing to help you with any part of the process. Don't hesitate to reach out, we are here and waiting for a new challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer small run and prototype service?

Yes. Every big idea starts somewhere. We are ready for your prototype and we will finish by breaking down every possible way to optimize your product for cost and manufacturability. Low volume needs? Only selling a few products at a time? We do that too.

Do you offer quick turn service?

Yes, we can handle the prototyping and production of extremely challenging designs in as few as two days. Getting your product to market is as important to us as it is to you.

Can you handle dynamic changes to assemblies?

Yes. We understand today's world is rapidly changing. We handle immediate implementation of any engineering change order, even in mid-production!

Do you support partial or full consignment?

Absolutely. Many of our customers like to keep control of custom, particular, or even all the parts. We can handle partial to full consignment of any material. Our automated systems will even drive requirements so you don't have to.

Do you offer PCB design services?

Currently, VAS is operating as a contract manufacturing shop and does not offer design services. However, we can offer a few references of individuals or businesses we have met over the years to aid in your design needs.

What is the largest board size you can handle?

Bigger the better! We can handle boards up to 24" in length and 24" in width. We have not attempted anything larger but we are certainly ready to give it a shot!

SMT Assembly and Manufacturing

VAS Engineering is based in San Diego and provides the best electronics SMT manufacturing and assembly services handling double-sided, 0.3mm fine pitch IC’s, BGA’s, and 01005 components.

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